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Red Tribal Printed Sustainable Rayon Unisex Shirt

Red Tribal Printed Sustainable Rayon Unisex Shirt

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A shirt that is not only aesthetic but indeed will leave the viewers awestruck. The printed tribal red shirt adds a dash of uniqueness and intricacy!
It is a classic piece to ignite a spark of Indianness and open doors for fusion styling. A Javinishka classic, this shirt is a summer essential.

1) This printed shirt is made of premium viscose and is heavy-weight, giving it a more crisp look.
2) It is a budget-friendly option that is equally sustainable and trendy. This premium shirt mixes traditional vibes with the hues of modernity and gives a defined structure to your silhouette.
3)These shirts are bio-washed eliminating the risk of fabric shrinkage. It has half sleeves, spots Cuban collar, and a button-down pattern.

Pair this summer essential with a pair of black trousers, or match it with the white pattern on the shirt.
Minimal accessory will be the key with this shirt.
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