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Festive Season Sale is Live

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Oversized Shirts

We are a generation who just can’t pick one, comfort or style. For us, it has to be both. But there aren’t many options out there.
Guess what?
We at Javinishka bring to you our oversized unisex shirts. Yes, you read that right, unisex, so that you and your partner or sibling can twin.

The collection is designed for all the fun and quirky people out there. The shirts are extremely comfortable and feel buttery soft to the skin. We have made sure we are using the best fabric available while keeping the sustainability of the products in mind. The fabric used is rayon which adds a touch of class to the shirts.

If you love to dance and want something that is comfortable and makes you stand out of the crowd while you kill it with your moves, our oversized shirts are for you. They are ideal for a casual day out or for the hip-hoppy vibe.

That is not all, the shirts are super flowy and make a graceful fall on your body.

Now, can we just talk about the prints?
Our prints range from sporty to classy to artistic.
Everything for everyone!