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Tie - Dye Shirts

“An amazing palette cleanser when paired with denim.”
This statement sums up the quirky style that tie-dye is. It is trendy and is back in fashion with better twists and spirals (literally).

The fun part about this style is it always creates unexpected results. And well, the unknown is more present today. Since the results are unexpected, every tie-dye is unique and has a touch of personalization to it.

Traditionally, tie-dye is made by tying fabric with waxed threads, so the dye only covers the exposed areas. They are a symbol of individuality and creative expression through handmade. And the best thing is they don’t even cost much.

Javinishka is all about supporting local artisans while bringing the best for its customers, and the tie-dye collection is no exception in this case. Our collection is unique and spots comfort with style. Made of Viscose Fabric, our Tie-Dye shirts are super soft, light, flowy, and extremely breezy. These shirts are the perfect option for summer.

They are extremely easy to style and are a perfect option for a casual day out. You can go all creative and experiment with the looks or keep the look neutral, everything is possible with this versatile clothing piece.

Want to try our new Tie-Dye collection that is designed for you? Just scroll through our website, and pick what feels like you!
Happy shopping with Javinishka!