Rayon Shirts

While layering is at your rescue in winters, summers often end up suffering the fashion hazards.
With a bare few pieces to experiment with, summers bring in a challenge to keep your fashion game top-notch while you don’t kill yourself in the scorching weather.
Rayon fabrics are often a rescue in these situations. These fabrics are extremely stylish and comfortable, making them the summer-appropriate choice.
It is definitely one versatile fabric you should add to your wardrobe.

It drapes like silk but carries the cooling properties of cotton. In fact, this semi-synthetic fabric has better water-absorbing properties than cotton. They are breezy and lustrous.

All in all, Rayon fabrics are a wonderful middle ground between man-made and real fabrics. They are biodegradable and hence are more eco-friendly as compared to other textiles.

Now that we have sung the songs of Rayon, we are sure you are in as much awe with them as we are. So, we definitely needed a collection that does justice to this amazing fabric.
Presenting Rayon Shirts by Javinishka which are elegant and carry a slight touch of retro to it. Our artisans are constantly working on bringing the best design and style for you.

Every piece is designed keeping you in mind. From colour to print, everything is handpicked to accentuate your silhouette.
We are sure you will enjoy shopping with us as much as we enjoyed handpicking these fabrics for you.
Go on, drape yourself in the comfort of Rayon fabrics.

Happy shopping!