Ikat is an ‘Art of Binding’ which is tracing its roots back from Indonesia. This dyeing technique employs resist dyeing on the yarns prior to weaving the fabric. Such intricacy results in multi-hued tones and designs on the fabric that makes Ikat a show-stopper.
Its feather-like structure and comfort is all you need to make everyone stop and stare.

The blurriness of the fabric seems to be a universally pleasing aesthetic. This soft fabric is a result of complicated thread binding and hours and hours of manual labor of artisans. No wonder, it was a symbol of the Royals and Emperors during the ancients times.

Don’t even get us started on how easy and classy it is to wear and carry this print. The boss in you is definitely going to be dancing while you experiment with the styles.
Be it a party or a corporate meeting, Ikat woven is your solution to all the clothing dilemmas. Just experiment with the accessories and voila!

It leaves an open room to experiment with the styles so that you can rejuvenate your persona. With its traditional touch, you can be sure of getting a proud pat from the elders of the family (don’t blame us if your mother gets teary seeing you embracing your Indianness).

Javinishka is committed to bringing new and unexplored designs for you.
Our collection is for all the young souls who live in the moment. You can select your style from our handpicked pieces and up your fashion game, while we continue to serve you with the best.

Now, do we even need to mention how many artisans you will be supporting and motivating with your purchases? We are directly sourcing our raw materials from artisans and empowering them. Your every purchase will be making an impact on their lives.
Needless to say, you are going to make so many heads turn!

Happy styling with Javinishka!