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Handblock Printed Shirts

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Let’s dive into a folklore.
A story of cloth and a woodblock.
The cloth is admired for its softness, texture, and weaving.
While the block stands tall for its wood, structure, and detailing.
Together they came to create a synergy
And the result is hand block printing…

Handblock printing is one of the ancient arts that continues to leave its mark to date. It is eco-friendly, sustainable, affordable, and stylish. It makes the perfect outfit for road trips or a day out with friends.
Stylish to wear and easy to style, hand block print clothes are a go-to option for a casual chill day.

If you are looking for something that screams, ‘Oh! I didn’t put any effort into my outfit’ yet still want to look chic, search no more. Handblock prints are your answer.

This style leaves you to your creative freedom while connecting you with handmade crafts’ rich tradition and history. Each print has a unique story to tell, and hence each style depicts a different scenario. So, while you style it on your own, you are living stories through this print.
Isn’t it mesmerizing?

Just imagine how creative you could be while styling hand-block print Shirts and Kurtis. You can pair it with jeans to be all casual or pair it with trousers for a business meeting, or accessorize it to elevate the look.
One print, and so many possibilities.

Want to try our new hand block print collection that is designed for you? Just scroll through our website, and pick what feels like you!
Happy shopping!