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Beige Vertical Branches Premium Rayon Slim Fit Unisex Shirt

Beige Vertical Branches Premium Rayon Slim Fit Unisex Shirt

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Your clothes will never be the reason for you to miss out on events now!
This is the shirt that you need when you have nothing to wear. The slim fit design will accentuate your silhouette and the button down pattern adds to the charm. The color palette gives it a very subtle yet classy look.
Made of Viscose fabric and Organic dyes this shirt is very comfortable, soft and feels like a breeze on the skin. The materials used make it a good option for the people with sensitive skin.
To style, pair it with a light coloured textured trouser, and add a watch for the full look. Or, you can always experiment with the style and come up with some unique statements. We are waiting! PS - These shirts are even more beautiful, since they are made of organic dye and the colour may bleed a little after the first wash, giving it a little more edgy look.







WashingHand-Wash Only

FeelPremium Casual

The male model (height 5’8″) is wearing a Small size.

The female model (height 5’4″) is wearing a Small size.


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