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White Pure Khadi Men Regular Fit Shirt

White Pure Khadi Men Regular Fit Shirt

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You can never go wrong with white. And this is exactly why this piece is a wardrobe essential.
Made of 100% pure Khadi yarns, this shirt promotes sustainability.
The fabric feels ‘cool’ on the body and even absorbs moisture and sweat, leaving you feeling fresh for a long time.
This classic piece spots button down pattern with regular fit to allow effortless look and comfort. You can pair it with denims for a more casual look or with trousers for a more formal look. Throw in a smart watch and sunglasses for that extra glam.
Honestly, the colour white opens the door of styling possibilities for this piece. So, go on, create your own look.
Happy styling!

Collection Description

A fabric of freedom, Khadi breathes “Warm in Winter, and Cool in Summer”. It is a handspun and handwoven cloth made using Charkhas and a lot of patience. It is chic, comfortable, and stylish and feels like a cold breeze on your skin during summers.
This traditional fabric is native to India and is usually handwoven from cotton fibre. Many of us even recall it as ‘Swadeshi fabric’ as its popularity could be traced back to the independence fight of the country.
Infact, the term ‘Khadi Spirit’ has caught wind in the past few years. It means illimitable patience, as the weaving of the fiber requires a lot of patience. It is like the artisans are transferring their love and patience via the clothes. And honestly, their efforts result in this amazing fabric which is known for its rugged texture, yet it's comfortable feel.
The cloth doesn’t irritate or stick to the skin which makes it a good option for people with sensitive skin. In summers, it keeps the body cool and allows air ventilation. It even absorbs moisture and sweat, leaving you feeling fresh throughout the day.
But, it is not just it, Khadi has a lot more reasons to justify its gaining popularity. It is promoting sustainability in the industry which has been called out for the wastage it generates. It is organic and is leaving zero carbon footprint on nature. The fabric lasts longer and is seriously reducing the wastage generated.
Summing up, Khadi is for all those who like to stay in style and adores pastel colour palette, but don’t want to harm the environment. It matches perfectly with the GenZ aesthetics who knows ‘who is the real boss’. Khadi is definitely promoting comfort as the latest trend in the fashion industry.
And for us at Javinishka, Khadi is comfortably chic.

CraftHand Weaved on Charkha (Spinning Wheel)

Fabric100% Pure Khadi

FitRegular Fit



SleeveHalf Sleeve

WashingHand-Wash Only

FeelPremium Casual

 The male model (height 5’6″ chest 39) is wearing a Small size 


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