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Javinishka Cream with Green Embroidered Traditional Unisex Scarf

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Product Details
This beige embroidered scarf, with shades of green is a handmade genius. A beautiful improvisation of Arabian prints, this scarf is made with the finest quality jacquard.

This exquisite beige and green combination scarf is the perfect anecdote to any occasion. It adds the element of surprise to your styling. You can pair it with your gorgeous saree, a shirt in dark tones or even with that boring formal attire, just to add a little drama. The scarf is best suited with bright colour outfits and even with your solid colour ensembles. Style it however you want, this scarf will for sure take up a place of pride in your closet. Woven with love and careful precision, we assure you woven happiness at affordable prices.
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Care Instructions
Hand-Wash Only